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The spectacular city of Vienna, in its romantic setting on the River Danube, is world renowned for its aristocratic charm and elegance.
The hub of the Habsburg Empire, for over six long and turbulent centuries, Vienna has preserved a unique cultural heritage, derived from its illustrious past and has fulfilled the ancient prophecy that 'the sun will never set on the Alpine republic', even though her once powerful European status has long been diminished.
The city of Vienna is filled with beautiful baroque architecture, inspired and created by Italian-trained craftsmen in a bid to replicate Rome, during the 50 years between 1690 and 1740. Ornate doorways and façades, beautifully carved rooflines, the fascinating bulbous towers and columns of St Stephen's Cathedral and Karlskirche (St Charles' Church), together with the magnificent Imperial Palace (Hofburg) and Schloss Schönbrunn; are all lavish reminders of 'The Golden Age of Vienna'.
The Ringstrasse, encircling Vienna, was once the course of the city walls and is now a tree-lined boulevard. Most of the city's important landmarks are found here, including many museums and galleries, housing priceless art collections and treasures from the Habsburg emperors.

Tours and Sightseeing: Visit Vienna's most spectacular sights and enjoy a river cruise with this city tour.

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